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Given that attacking is to a Barbarian as Peanut Butter is to Jelly, this seems like a steep trade. Out of combat as a way to power through social situations. Despite this, there are two cases where I think I could end up using it: Frightened also makes enemies roll at disadvantage while they can see me. If I m stuck or trapped, but still within sight and possessing an Action, I could use this to help my allies out. What do you use Intimidating Presence for intimidating presence. Granted the writing gives no hint that it is meant for anything other than combat, but I don t see any reason why you couldn t use it to get a town guard to move out of your way.

Reading it as is I m struggling to think of cases where I would use this for a few reasons: Frightened makes characters refuse to come to closer to you. As a Barbarian this strikes me as the exact opposite of what I want enemies to do. These cases seem really niche to me, but I m interested if you have seen them come up, or if I have massively misunderstood how Intimidating Presence is meant to be used. Winter Soldier x Black Widow I am disguised as a ballerina. It takes an action to instigate and maintain. Not looking for theorycrafting so much as instances where you have actually used it at the table and found it useful.

This means that unless I Frenzy, I can t attack anyone while I m using it. This isn t a knock against it s usefulness per se, just that I think enemies will have an easier and easier time resisting it as one levels, making it a less and less attractive option in combat. The save is based off of Charisma, a stat that few Barbarians will be boosting.indain house wife chating and dateing.
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Intimidating Presence is a passive skill in the Fighters Guild skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Your speech becomes more forceful, your general bearing more menacing. You gain a +30 bonus on...

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Intimidating Presence is a passive ability in the Fighters Guild Skill line in Elder Scrolls Online. This ability allows intimidation of certain NPCs in conversations.

Intimidating Presence allows you to use intimidation options in conversation, which can reduce the leg-work in some quests. It also allows you to rob from some ...

Terrifying Presence is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas. Effects Edit. In some conversations, the user gains the ability to initiate combat while terrifying a mob of opponents, …

18/11/2016 · Hey guy. So, Frenzy Barbs often get a bad rap. Their 3rd level ability is either pretty good or awful depending on who you ask. Mindless Rage and …

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Comment by Atomicpumpkin Despite the tooltip, you should not always keep this effect active. Threatening Presence is basically Growl for lock pets.

29/07/2016 · What do you use Intimidating Presence for? Not looking for theorycrafting so much as instances where you have actually used it at the table and found it useful.

11/12/2017 · Activating the Intimidate skill rolls an Intimidate check against all ... you gain a 12 second buff called Intimidating Presence that provides the ...

SRD:Intimidate Skill. Edit. ... The effect lasts as long as the target remains in your presence, ... More Dungeons and Dragons Wiki. 1 Gold Piece;

* Tibetans observe major Buddhist festival despite intimidating presence of Chinese troops

Intimidating Presence is an Passive ability in The Elder Scrolls Online. Tree . Fighters Guild (Passive Skill) Description . Allows player to Intimidate certain NPCs ...

Tooltip: Amplifies the heros killing intent, causing nearby ranged enemies to deal less damage and all enemies to attack slower. Damage and attack speed reduction and ...
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